Cardiometobesity has the objective to contribute with the effort indicated throughout the “National Strategy for the Prevention and Obesity Control, the Overweight and Diabetes”, through the study, knowledge and scientific evidence in nutrition and prevention of the obesity and chronic diseases, in order to achieve measurable and trusty changes in food, physical activity and education patterns which allow the prevention and reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity, and the diminution of cardiovascular mortality and diabetes, and it translate into the  improvement of the levels of wellness of the Mexican population.

The Foundation has as main objectives:

  • To promote a better knowledge of the phenomenon and its complications.
  • To develop and implement educational programs and dissemination of prevention for the problem. (Elaboration of educational materials on correct nutrition and physical activation).
  • To develop and promote scientific research in the area of Prevention.
  • To develop training courses to the human resources in health aimed to the first attention level, referent to the detection of risk factors in overweight, the obesity, and its consequences, implementing multidisciplinary programs.
  • To promote and manage national and international, and public sector contributions in forms, mechanisms and purposes which guarantee its uses in the development of the scientific research that allow the early detection and prevention of overweight and obesity, as well as its consequences.
  • To create stimulus and recognitions for the investigation, in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, as well as its risks and consequences.


To give on of all these objectives and programs, a fundamental basis for developing them is to have the professional staff to be able to develop it, however the development of these programs requires the participation of specialists and staff focused on this area of health. Due to the magnitude of the specialization for the development of:

The National Scholar System in general and the Public Universities in particular, have a great responsibility in collaborate with the society in order to overcome the challenges of the human development sustainable through their function. In particular is important to ask ourselves ¿how the social service, articulated to formation and investigation process, can constitute a resource for our society in order to advance in the human development?

From the point of view of knowledge, with the social service can established large and diverse objectives for the graduates. Among most appreciative formative advantages is included the possibility to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom and acquired another knowledge, as well as the developing new practical capacities.

Likewise through the service it is searched to enlarge the possibilities of adequate knowledge to overcome the problem in excluded sector, stimulating the sensitivity, social compromise and the responsibility of the graduated, at the same time acquire a better notion of their reality.


With base on this logic, the Foundation has considered the development of diverse links with private and public universities, in order to attend the strong necessity of commitment with the graduates, as well as the ones who are developing a Master degree or PhD and require the development of a solid scientific program in which can participate and apply their experience and contribute for the strengthen of these programs.

On the other hand we had considered the academic link with different academic and scientific institutions that will allow formalize and make collaboration actions for the academic formation of post graduate students in the scientific research for the prevention, early detection, diagnostic and treatment for overweight, obesity and diabetes.

Allowing these students in rotation, must achieve with the academic programs in accordance to the planned objectives.